Because we can't fix tomorrow's problems

with yesterday's thinking







We are a growing grassroots movement to take back our beautiful city and place it where it belongs -- in the hands of you, our residents and business owners

   Some say we're a beach town.  Others say we're a retirement community.  In fact, Ocean Shores is an incredibly diverse community.  Some residents drive an Alfa Romeo.  Some walk or take the Dial-a-Ride bus.  Some live and work here.  Others commute out of town each day.  Some live in small rented dwellings.  Others in multi-story houses with water views all around.

  There are over 700 children in the North Beach School District.  An incredible 100 of them have been identified as homeless or as living substandard lives.  This number has grown substantially in the past three years and, as a percentage, is nearly five times the national average!  This is outrageous.  We need to help our homeless population, too many of whom are children. 

  In Ocean Shores we have a "high season" and a quiet one.  We may be small, but there is a lot to do to make everything work.  And because we're small and do not command the resources of a large city, we need to make every resource count. 

   Every person in our city's government needs to be focused on one thing and one thing only:  To make Ocean Shores thrive.  Not just for this moment.  Not just for this year.  But all the way into the future.


The Future of Ocean Shores Is in Your Hands

Don't let it slip through your fingers.

How I Will Work for You

I believe in open government, with citizen engagement at every level. It works. It makes a difference, I will continue to host open forums to encourage conversation of diverse points of view and hold town halls to inform the citizens of Ocean Shores.

You will have a seat at the table. Be treated respectfully. Be told the truth. Be provided with relevant information, within legal parameters, without having to file public records requests. You will be heard when you speak during public comment. You will not be labeled as being part of a “camp.” And never accused of sitting at council meetings as if stationed with some evil intent.

It will be a two-way street. We will build the trust necessary to have difficult conversations, share our hopes and fears, give honest feedback, and partner together to create a community vision for our city.

We will motivate each other, inspire each other, embrace each other’s ideas and work as a team, for the common good.

How Fortunate We All Are

   Several years ago, my husband and I left California in a whirlwind! We found Ocean Shores on the Internet and immediately fell in love with her beautiful beaches. The plan was to travel slowly up the west coast, exploring along the way.  Instead, we arrived at the gates of Shores in two days!

   Breathlessly we turned the corner to see, for the first time, the beaches that would change our lives forever! Yes, it was love at first sight. If you visit my Facebook page, view the hundreds of beach photos I have published, there will be no doubt in your minds!

   Fascinated not only by what is here, excited about what Ocean Shores could be, we have had no desire to wander! Instead we became totally focused on our community. I am an elected City Council member and am active in volunteer groups and promote community discussion groups and town halls.

Let's Elect the Mayor We Deserve

   Ocean Shores needs leaders, not rulers. City officials can not be beholden to one individual or group of individuals. They are elected by the people and those are the people and their interests they need to serve. 


   The government of Ocean Shores does not exist to dictate.  It exists solely to work closely with the people it serves in order to provide all with a pleasant, safe, and sustainable lifestyle.  It exists to encourage and promote managed growth, mindful of the need for it, but respectful of the citizens it will impact the most.


Let's elect the mayor we need.  Let's elect the mayor we deserve.


What People Are Saying about Susan...

“I've been very impressed with the energy and tone of your campaign. Always positive and forward-thinking. You clearly love our community. Community Voices demonstrates your commitment to listening to all. Consistent presence with waving road signs. Always inviting, respectful and kind. Your interview and even more so, your website provide more concrete descriptions of your thinking and your plans adding to your transparency and priorities. And your use of social media clearly demonstrates your love of where you live... Taking time to cherish the wonderfulness of it all. Bravo and best of luck with the results!”         T. C.

"I highly recommend Susan for any City (or organization) that is looking for a highly qualified and efficient public official. I have been recently working closely with Susan as she has launched her mayoral campaign in Ocean Shores, Washington. Her willingness to go the extra mile to not only include various constituents/stakeholders in any decision making process is exemplary, but she makes a concerted effort to insure that everyone is authentically heard and respected. I have been coming to Ocean Shores since 1976 (and now own a home here. I telecommute between Seattle and Ocean Shores every two weeks). In that time Ocean Shores has seen some good Mayors, but I truly believe that with Susan's experience, education and enthusiasm for seeing the city improve, she will be a great one."     Bryan K.


"Susan Conniry is an elected official that weighs the many decisions before her deliberately, she really does her homework by seeking out information from many sources and on many subjects, she consults with and relies on her relationships with many experts on the issues but doesn't let that dissuade her vote on those subjects. She is a steadfast champion of the citizen and the needs of the community. I have worked with many elected officials in my many years in local government...Susan is, by far, the fairest one of all."       Andy Parr, retired Fire Chief

"You have the ears and hearts of people because you listen and engage. I see you do things that I love and sometimes things I could care less about but I support you no matter." 

                                                                                                                     Young mom - IGA employee


“I really want to thank you for coming out today and spending time with us [SeaMar, Molina Health Care, and IGA].  It really means a lot to see you, as a candidate, at an event like this and spending time with everyone.”   H.M.



"Hi Susan, I happened to catch you speaking on 91.3 this morning, great job!! I agree with your vision to work with all the resources we have in Ocean Shores, including a lot of smart, interested citizens, to continue to create a natural haven for residents and visitors…"   N. W.



"She has a Can DO winning attitude, will improvise and overcome what stands in her way.  She doesn't know the words, I can't,"     Robert S.


"Because u are honest & trust worthy. I like when u laugh because it puts a smile on my face. Your willing 2 go out & about & meet everybody. You really care about us & Ocean Shores,"    Laverna D.



"​Breath of fresh air!!"    Marilee W.




"She understands that we must first look at our needs and then consider our wants.  I have full faith that you will represent all monetary levels of this diverse community."   Judy H.




"You are a good listener,"   Kelly W.




"Your communication skills are impressive, respectful, inclusive. Leadership should not be divisive."
                                                                                                                                                                    Colleen P.




"You have integrity, [ which speaks volumes] you are sincere, intelligent and dedicated...after helping and working for Lakeside, I have NO doubt what you can do for Ocean Shores. And because you are all these things...another word comes to mind, "faith"...I have faith in you and what you stand for!!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Meredith L.



"You will develop a balance in O.S. for the needs of public safety & infrastructure and our citizens, tourism, retail, real estate and construction business industries."     Nancy M.


"You respect everyone, encourage everyone to speak. And, you listen."   Tom B.

"You are a strong and caring leader,"    Cynthia P.


"I consider it an honor to interact with someone who’s only agenda is to do what is right for the community, and to know someone who cares so much. Susan is a true citizen who has always been a participant and a contributor, rather than a spectator or an antagonist."      Eric S.

"Her positive attitude is contagious. Open for discussion on ANY issue. Encourages community involvement from everyone in Ocean Shores. She realizes the city belongs to the people of Ocean Shores not the mayor. Encourages the community to become involved in the decisions that will impact all.  You will bring our community together. You are strong and kind. You care and will get things done."     Connie K.



"You are the change, the people want,"   Desi L.

"She is a leader with a conscience,"    Gerry C.


"She is a woman of character whose commitment to community is a win-win for all,"   Patty H.


"Susan is a person who represents us all- from the homeless to those in the stately mansion."
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Terri B.

"Her all around knowledge of project management, county ordinances, safety issues, and community involvement are second to none."       Ranger Joel B.




"You do not have any hidden agendas and only want the best for Ocean Shores. You are professional, personable, can be approached. You are willing to REALLY listen to the folks."   Vicky R.


"Your approach to the role of Mayor is a welcome change,"     Danna M.




"You believe that community is first,"     Steve T.



"Ocean Shores is lucky to have such a wonderful citizen."    Lynda M.


"I have known Susan for many many years. She volunteered for me as a park patrol person and was very dependable. Susan has always been an honest, compassionate person who always puts everyone else's needs first. I love her dearly and promise she will be the best Community Leader that Ocean Shores could have. Please vote for Susan for Mayor of your beautiful town, she will never let you down!"   Ranger Patty

"She talks about what she will do for the people and asks them to work with her,"      Nitza F.

“Got the sign Thank you. I have to say that in my 72 years I have never put a sign in my yard for anything. That is how serious I feel that someone new, namely you, is needed to replace the mayor we currently have. Good luck!.”      C.L.


You Deserve to Know

I believe in transparency in government and I believe you have a right to know who it is you're voting for.  In that spirit, here is my complete resume:


Don't stay in the dark -- stay informed!

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