Why Me?

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What makes me qualified for the position?   What experience do I bring to the table?

My life experience, political endeavors and community engagement make me highly qualified for the position of Mayor of Ocean Shores!


Here are my views and qualifications following the categories listed in the Association of Washington Cites (AWC) Mayor/Council Handbook which references a "Mayor’s Leadership Roles."


Differences between the Roles of Mayor and Council


   Per the Association of Washington Cites (AWC) Mayor/Council Handbook, mayor's roles are ceremonial, intergovernmental and public relations, working with residents, dealing with the media, and running Council meetings.

   Council members are the primary decision makers in city governments; mayors are responsible for implementing the Council’s policies and carrying out Council directives.

   Mayors do not set policy for the city, but do solicit input from its citizens in order to provide it to the council for its deliberations.



Intergovernmental Relations


   Cities work within a complex intergovernmental system. By cooperating and collaborating with federal, state, county, and school officials, we promote the city and pursue resources that will benefit our community. Holding town halls and community forums and attending multiple conferences and seminars with our partners for many years, I have established those relations and cultivated lifelong partnerships.


Public Relations


   Mayors inform the public, the media, and staff about issues affecting the community. “This role is critical in building public support and facilitating effective decision-making by the council.”


   Through regular weekly meetings, Community Voices has been the thread that has tied citizens together. Information about events and council business has been disseminated and readily appreciated.


Working with Residents

   "The most important trait a new official can cultivate is the simple ability to listen.” As an elected council member, I do that. I meet with citizens one on one, attend group meetings when invited and host Community Voices, a weekly discussion group. I have kept my constituents informed and encouraged their participation to express their views. There is mutual respect in every conversation.


   Wearing both my city council hat and my citizen advocate hat, I am well aware that anything said, privately and publicly, will often be news! As a mayor I am aware that I will live in a glass house! Answers to questions will be thoughtful and on point. If I’m unsure of an answer, I will delay a response until I have the necessary information. Better to be embarrassed by admitting I don’t know an answer than giving a hasty response and being embarrassed later!


   I am proud to be a public servant and as your mayor I will continue to serve the public in the same respectful and inclusive way.

Dealing with the Media

   A good working relationship with the media is mutually beneficial as it allows a Mayor to comment publicly on local issues and inform residents of city activities. I have cultivated a relationship as a citizen and as a city council member with KOSW, KBKW and KXRO radio stations as well as the North Coast News and Daily World newspapers. Because the Community Club's paper, the Observer, only allows the Mayor to publish a report, that will be the only new relationship for me.

In Summary

For nearly my entire working life of more than 40 years, I have started and run businesses and have been in service to the public.  Unlike my opponent who has been an "employee" for most of her working life, I have had both long-term operational and fiscal responsibility for success.  I had no one telling me what to do.  Some things came easy.  Some things were learned the hard way.  But the sum total of an enormous range of experience over a global geographic area and among many cultures and economic levels is just a part of what I bring to help me lead the city of Ocean Shores, not "rule" it.


My life experience, political endeavors and community engagement make me highly qualified for the position of Mayor of Ocean Shores!


Thank you for your vote, November 5th.