All the World a School

   In the 70s I traveled to Thailand to visit a friend and ended up staying for a year. Exploring, Malaysia, Laos, Burma. All the time, writing letters to my Dad about the amazing people I met and the beauty of South East Asia.

   I wanted to learn more and enrolled in a correspondence course offered by the University of Georgia. (Long before the internet) The course, Cultural Geography, was exciting. In high school, I had been mostly bored. This class set my juices flowing! I couldn’t get my assignments done fast enough and waited eagerly for the mail to receive my grades! I aced the class!

   When I returned to America, I traveled to Athens, Georgia to meet my correspondence professor at the University. It was an amazing visit! He encouraged me to enroll in college and pursue an education. I did. I found college to be incredibly stimulating and although after I graduated, I chose to teach martial arts rather than educate the world through film, that time of my life paved the way for all I would accomplish throughout the rest of my life.