The Power of a Smile

   So many of you comment on my smile. It is the universal method used to break the ice. People smile back, even if they don't speak the same language.


   I still do it!                                               A young Susan with her aunt and grandparents



​​   On the beach. I walk every day so I know the locals. We smile and wave. Engaging a visitor is special. I smile. They smile. We all smile. I welcome them to Shores. Thank them for spending their money and supporting our town!


   We are diverse. We hail from all over the states and the world. We speak different languages and feel comfortable in the culture we grew up in. Yet when we smile, the boundaries break down, we trust and engage.


   That’s what will happen in Ocean Shores when we win this election. We will smile. Engage. Trust each other and work towards an exacting future.

   Traveling throughout Southeast Asia and Central America, and later the southern States of America, I was hard pressed to understand the language or the dialect. I smiled. A lot. With that, and using my hands to flourish a sentiment, speaking the language was not important.