As Our Mayor...

   How will you work with the City Council?

60 Seconds on Working with the City Council

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Why did you decide to run for this position?

   I decided to run for Mayor because we can’t fix tomorrow’s problems using yesterday’s thinking. I'm excited to lead a city that embraces change and is not afraid of the future. A city that will rise above it's current state of bureaucratic complacency, promote technology, and streamline all administrative activities.


   I will lead by example to stimulate our staff and elected officials to provide professional leadership and service. We will spend the people’s money wisely to satisfy the health and safety needs of an ever changing demographic. We will establish a culture of inclusion which recognizes the knowledge and skills of our citizens, young and old. Promote community policing and neighborhood watch to ensure safe neighborhoods. Create and maintain a festive atmosphere where people and businesses thrive.


   We will be a city that is not shackled by its past but rather embraces its future. A proud city. A city where people want to visit often or stay forever.