Let's Make This Happen!

    I will be an accountable, accessible and approachable leader who listens and makes decisions supported by regular public conversations.  I believe in the value of town halls and citizen participation, working together to encourage investment in our city and ourselves.

    Responsible stewardship of the public's money is my highest priority. I have over forty years of community and public service, serving in volunteer capacities for numerous non-profits, appointed governmental positions, as an elected member of the Governing Board for Lakeside Fire Protection District and currently as a City Council member for the City of Ocean Shores.


    Raising funds for our campaign, realizing that not everyone can afford a large donation, we opted to make it easy for everyone to contribute a little.  But don’t worry if you can’t contribute right now, we need lots of volunteers!


    My regular Community Voices meeting will continue on Thursdays at 11am at the North Beach Senior Center, 885 Ocean Shores Blvd.,NW, Ocean Shores, WA 98569. We appreciate your support for a “Leader who will listen, for a Change.”

Your voice begins with your vote on November 5th, so...

Let’s rock this Vote!