From Lemons to Lemonade

   Amid the hundreds of articles about good deeds done, there is a story about the day I was forced to declare bankruptcy.

   Unmentioned is the sordid tale of greed by a problem neighbor, a boundary dispute, a frivolous lawsuit, and how a judge, later charged with misconduct, cost us our home.

   On Appeal, the case was settled and the judgment dismissed, yet none of what we lost was returned, including our home. This experience shook me to the core. It affected my fundamental beliefs, values, convictions and notions of right and wrong.


   Bad things do happen to good people through no fault of their own. Our system, though one of the best in the world, is imperfect and does sometimes trample on the Bill of Rights.  It is for that reason I chose to run for election -- to protect the rights of our citizens.


   The real issue in this campaign is not an unfortunate chapter in my life. Rather, it is about how we are going to work together to encourage citizen participation in government and move our community forward.


   Thank you for your support.

   Thank you for your vote on November 5th, 2019.