Harnessing the Sun

   When I first met Bear, who would eventually become my husband, I was thrilled! He was the ultimate mountain man. A backpacker. A graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School. He had climbed Mt. Rainier. He was just plain awesome!

   It got better, instead of pursuing a college degree, he took classes with Tom Brown, Jr. the well known tracker and survivalist. I had it made. A man who would take care of me no matter what. Then one day he said, what if I wasn’t around, could you take care of yourself? Yikes. No. Teach me, I begged.

   He did.

   Everything he knew about wilderness survival. I learned to make baskets, pottery, traps. He taught me to track. Tan animal hides. To respect the Earth for all she provides. But the most amazing of all the Earth skills is to be able to make fire with two sticks. To harness the energy of the sun and to bring it back to life by creating fire. A humbling experience. One that changes your life.

   It changed mine. I am grateful.